champion of poo containment
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sarahmac bags - smart bags made with British designer fabric, proudly made in the UK

The perfect multipurpose small size bag - look smart, feel good. 

With cotton outer layer, co-ordinating zip, carry handle with snap and with Procare lining (food grade) this bag has so many potential uses: keeping items dry, safe, contained and organised.

For adult use: Snack bag, jewellery bag, toiletry bag, make up bag, handbag organiser, sanitary protection bag, first aid bag, wet swimming costume bag, poo bag holder for dog walking and it can be like an extra pocket if you don't have a pocket for keys, mobile phone, cash card etc.

For children's use: cloth nappy wetbag, potty training accident bag, snack bag, swimming stuff, reusable wipes, disposable nappy clutch bag, dummy storage, medicine bag.

For pets: dog poo bag, snack bag, training aids.

We currently produce two versions - a single zip version and a double zip version with more prints and sizes to follow soon.

Made in the UK by Red Dragon Manufacturing, a social enterprise in Swansea, using British designed fabrics.