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How the Wipey Wipes Kit works (repost from NGL)

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I’m going to make a video to show just how easy it is to use reusuable wipes but in the meantime here is the written version!

All you have to do is dissolve a cube of soap in the tub and add warm/hot water to dissolve it (approximately a third full is good so fill to about the 400ml line)

Allow to cool.

You then dip the wipes in and squeeze as required. Some people prefer to dip as needed.

You can take them out with you dry and use the spray bottle  to dampen them as required.

bag with rainbow wipes 500

Or use the wetbag to take damp ones out with you. Remember to give them a really good squeeze!

The bag can also be used to store dirty wipes.

If used for hands and faces then just pop them in with your normal household washing but if used for bottoms then I would do a cold rinse in the washing machine first and wash at 60. If you already use cloth nappies simply store and wash them with your nappies.

There are different colours available if you want a different set for hands and faces/bottoms. I understand some people like to keep things separate.

A sample bag of soap cubes comes with the kit but of course you can just use plain water, a splash of baby wash or whatever takes your fancy! A chamomile tea solution is another popular choice.

The wipes are made of two fabrics – the fleece side is nice and soft and the cotton side is ‘grippy’ which is excellent at removing sticky food and at the other end too! The two sides have been overlocked to create one reusable wipe.

After you have laundered the wipes you can dry them on an airer, hang them up (a sock peg holder is good), tumble dry them or you can dunk them back in a fresh pot of wipe solution.

The solution needs to be refreshed every two to three days.

Remember not to double dib.

You can put some of the solution into the handy spray bottle and take it out with you if you like to keep your wipes dry. Remember to change this solution every 2-3 days as well.

The wetbag is made from PUL (polyurethane laminate) which is the same fabric that is used in many nappy covers and the waterproof layer in a pocket or all in one style nappy  so can tolerate frequent washing.

Why not give it a go?


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