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Dog walking at the beach


I've got three young girls, a dog and a cloth nappy business so "poo chat" is a big part of my life. Specifically poo containment.

Our sarahmac bags can be used for a multitude of purposes but one of my favourites is for keeping a disposable poo bag safe until you can reach a bin to dispose of it. 

At the beach you usually have to take it back up to the car park, some National Trust properties, for example, have no doggy poo bins at all, you have to take it away with you. Even in a scented poo bag it smells in the car! But with these bags you can zip it up and contain that smell. 



 Some councils have even announced that you may be fined if you aren't carrying a bag for poo collection when out dog walking. I think that's a bit extreme myself. What it means is that you need to take more than one bag out with you so that if you use one you still have spares. With the sarahmac bag you can stash more in the other pocket - as well as your keys or phone or money for the shop. 


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