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Sarah loves selling products and developing new ideas but she also loves social media, in addition to this she  loves to support small businesses on their journey. There are a myriad of social media experts offering strategy and training or even offering to manage your accounts for you but through speaking to business owners at networking events I realised there was a gap in the market for basic social media workshops.

I offer businesses basic information to get started on  Instagram. Once you've got Instagram basics sussed you may like to consider a follow up one to one session or you can skip the workshop and go straight to one to one if that is your preferred method of learning. 

Workshops take place both in my home town of Carmarthen and across South and West Wales. if there isn't a course running near you then please contact me and I'll see if it is possible.

Each workshop is a two hour session and costs £20. Events can be booked on Eventbrite (fee is extra) or you can contact me directly and I can send over a paypal invoice or BACS information. 

Book now for Carmarthen for 7th November 2017 10am to 12 noon.

Dates for Swansea and Cardiff to follow.

If you wish a one to one session on Facebook,Twitter, Hootsuite or Mailchimp please get in touch.

Happy Clients:

Sarah has run a series of basic level workshops across South and South West Wales, held one to one sessions with staff from Carmarthen Town Council and Carmarthenshire County Council as well as solopreneurs and spoken at networking events for WiRE (Women in Rural Enterprise and for Online Seller UK .


Trudi Petersen Thank you so much for this. Went home ,got act together Instagrammed and #### got something like 200 followers over 48 hours many of whom are exactly who we want to target...wouldn't have done if not for your talk so thanks....lots

INSTAGRAM - I attended a very informative seminar on Instagram a week or so ago. This was arranged by Sarah MacDonald via Eventbrite. I like others attending found the short 2 hour session most enlightening and gave valuable information on how to get the best out of the Social site. If like me you only use Facebook or Twitter, these short courses can really help you get on board today's Social revolution. Well done Sarah.