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Boingo fasteners - modern nappy pin alternative


Boingo Fasteners

Boingo fasteners are a fun and easy way to fasten cloth nappies without having to use traditional nappy pins.

Say good bye to sharp pins and strange octopus looking devices. Boingos are here!

Simple to use the boingos come in a pack of two. Use one for a smaller baby and two for a larger, more mobile baby.  They come in just one size, so there is no need to buy a bigger size later!

How To get started:

1. Hold the Boingo with two hands, gripping in the centre away from the claws.

2. Pinch the fabric of the nappy and hook one end of the boingo into the nappy, it is helpful to insert the teeth as you would a nappy pin.

3. Gently stretch and pull your boingo to the opposite side and fasten again.

Boingos do NOT need to be fastened tightly to grip the nappy properly. You want to have some give and stretch in the Boingo, so that it will be comfortable for the baby. A good rule of thumb is that you want to be able to comfortably slip one finger under the Boingo when fastened, you should be able to pull on the Boingo and have it stay tightly gripped.

You may pull on the centre of the Boingo to make sure it is attached firmly.

4. Cover with your favourite nappy cover!

WARNINGS: Boingos should only be fastened by a responsible adult. Carefully check your Boingo prior to use for wear, or damage. Discontinue use and recycle your Boingo if it becomes worn, torn, or damaged. Continued use of a damaged fastener could lead to product failure, thus posing a potential choking hazard if the plastic piece is dislodged, or becomes separated. Do not over stretch your Boingos. Over stretching, or forcefully stretching will damage your Boingo.  Do not pull your Boingo by any part of the star, or any other design, it will cause damage. Do not cut or alter your Boingo in any way, doing so could result in failure of your Boingo and will void your warranty. Do not use Boingo on any child who could remove it, or their nappy/nappy cover. Do not allow your child to play with Boingos, they are not toys. Boingos should be kept out of childrens reach when not in use. Misuse can cause damage. WARRANTY: 60 days from date of purchase, returns for product not damaged by misuse accepted with a receipt from an authorized retailer listed on our website only. Boingos purchased through an unauthorized retailer or second hand are not covered under warranty.

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