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Bright Bots

Brightbots Training Pants


NEW Design! With PUL instead of PVA waterproofing layer, so no more noisy crinkles!

The Bright Bots Training Pants are a comfortable style of pants with a small amount of padding which will hold in a small wee and is a training aid.

These washable pull ups consist of a soft and comfortable cotton jersey, with elasticated waist and leg openings - with the absorbent part just between the legs and in the middle below the waist. 

The Bright Bots Training Pants are designed to look and feel like the pant that 'bigger kids' wear and so encourage your child to progress through training. Your child should be changed each time the pants get wet.

These trainer pants are washable and hard wearing and so are an inexpensive and environmentally friendly alternative to disposable training pants.

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