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Bum Genius

Bum Genius Flip Nappy Cover

The brilliant Flip from Bum Genius is a two part system which is Birth To Potty so should fit babies from 8 - 35lb. There is an option to purchase the cover only or with one  Stay Dry insert or one organic cotton night time insert. Additional inserts are available to purchase separately here

Flip Features
• A waterproof shell, so no extra cover is needed.
• Wipe the inside of the cover out and use it over and over again!
• Form fitting elastic to prevent leaks.
• Patent pending comfy butterfly closure - A feature that is unique to cloth nappies made by Cotton Babies.
• No stuffing involved just tuck insert under flaps and go! 
• Patent pending 3x3 adjustable snap system to fit most babies from birth to potty training.

You can use anything you like inside a flip cover, a folded prefold, it will fit over some fitted nappies too however Bum Genius offer 5 different options to fit inside a Flip cover
  1. A stay dry insert (available singly) - microfibre topped with a stay dry layer
  2. An organic cotton insert (comes in packs of 3) - fine organic cotton that requires folding, but dries quickly as it spreads out.
  3. An organic cotton night time insert (available singly) - formerly known as the organic cotton insert, requires folding in 3 and takes a while to dry.
  4. A newborn insert (available in a pack of 6) - a small version of the stay dry insert
  5. packs of disposible inserts - great for holidays or weekends away or when all your cloth is in the wash.

Stay Dry Insert Features
• Stay drier for longer.
• Made of microfibre and topped with soft microfleece.
• Wicks moisture away from your baby's bottom.

Flip Organic cotton inserts
are very soft, ultra-absorbent and made from 100% Oeko-Tex® certified organic cotton. The insert can be folded in two ways making it fit perfectly depending on which popper setting is used. They require to be washed a few times before reaching full absorbancy and will be more absorbant than the stay dry insert.

A popular night time solution for light to medium wetters is to use a stay dry insert with a cotton night time insert folded underneath.

Additional inserts are available to purchase separately

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