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Nappy Go Lucky

Carmarthenshire Cloth Nappy Trial Pack


Nappy Go Lucky are delighted to offer the residents of Carmarthenshire a chance to trial some real nappies at a hugely discounted price. Many new parents are keen to try out cloth nappies however they are put off by the start up costs and don't know if they will work for them. By offering some nappies to try out before committing to a whole pack of nappies we hope to convince new parents to 'go real'.

The trial pack is available to all Carmarthenshire residents, limited to one pack per household, per child and we do ask for proof of address and a copy of a MAT1B form or birth certificate.

The pack contain two Little lamb OSFA (one size fits all) pocket nappies along with 3 cotton prefolds and a wrap. The prefolds and wrap are available in different sizes and you can select the size you require. You can also choose whether you wish GIRL, BOY or UNISEX colours for the pockets/wraps.

The pack has a recommended retail value of £32 and we are charging just £15 to give you a really affordable chance to try them out.

If you are in Carmarthen you can arrange to collect the nappies or for a small charge the trial pack can be posted out to you.

For more information contact Sarah or call 07827431613

You can order directly here or call and place your order if you prefer. Card payments are accepted.

The trial pack scheme is operated by Nappy Go Lucky (Wales) Ltd, supported by the Waste Management Team, Carmarthenshire Council and Little lamb Nappies.

What you get in your pack:

2 Littlelamb OSFA pocket nappy - choose GIRL, BOY or UNISEX from drop down menu (you can be more specific in the comment box at checkout if you wish a particular colour)
These popular birth to potty nappies can be adusted in size by using the rows of poppers up the front. These pocket nappies have a soft fleece interior which acts as a stay dry layer against the babies skin and comes with 2 bamboo inserts (the absorbant part), you can also fold up a prefold and use that as the absorbant part. When using a pocket nappy you must wash the whole thing after use each time.

3 cotton prefold nappies (this will be 3 of one of these size: small, regular or toddler size, choose from drop down menu)
cotton prefolds are a very economical option and you can replace the prefold and reuse the cover (unless soiled) so reduces the volume of washing. As they fold out they dry quite quickly too.

1 Ella's House wrap (small or large) (if you choose small prefolds you will be sent a small wrap unless you specify otherwise, if you select regular or toddler size then you will be sent a large wrap) The colour of the wrap will be determined by your selection of GIRL, BOY or UNISEX from the drop down menu
a PUL (polyurinate laminate/waterproof) wrap with a velcro fastening for the waist and poppers to adjust the size at the front. The wrap has a double gusset (two layers of protection against leaks)

Size Guide:

The prefolds are available in three sizes:
Small: 44 x 33cm (18 x 13 inches)
Regular: 56 x 37cm (22 x 15 inches)
Toddler: 60 x 44 cm (24 x 18 inches)

Small wrap:3-9kg (6.5 - 19.5lb)
Large wrap:6 - 15kg (13.2 - 33lb)

A quick washing guide:

wash nappy before use
if nappy is soiled hold the corner and flush in the loo to get the worst of the poo off, if simply wet just place in a wetbag or bucket with a lid. There is no need to soak.
when you are ready to wash fold over the tabs of the wrap so they don't catch, place items in washing machine and set on a cold rinse (this removes the worst of the urine and poo)
Wash at 40 - 60 degrees with between half and a full dose of your normal detergent, just remember not to use any fabric softener as this will affect the absorbancy of the nappies.
Once the cycle is complete you can line dry, dry over an airer or tumble dry on low. Don't place the PUL or bamboo inserts directly on a radiator as this will damage the fabric.

A quick folding guide for prefolds:

regular fold and runny poo fold guide (choose from the menu on the RHS of the screen

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