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Cotton prefolds

Junior Joy

Cotton prefolds

Cotton prefolds are cheap and versatile.
They can be folded up and used with a waterproof nappy cover or used inside a pocket nappy.
They can be used to line a buggy or carseat to catch small accidents when potty training.........
and once your children have passed the nappy stage they can be used for all manner of household cleaning jobs!

Prefolds are rectangles of several layers of fabric sewn together
There are generally two inner seams creating three long sections with the most layers of fabric in the middle section.
This should mean there is plenty of extra aborbancy in the centre.
They may appear to be a little stiff at first but once washed and used they will become softer and easier to fold.

Carmarthenshire Council have a two folding guides (choose from the menu on the right hand side on the link)

The prefolds are available in three sizes:
Small: 44 x 33cm (18 x 13 inches)
Regular: 56 x 37cm (22 x 15 inches)
Toddler: 60 x 44 cm (24 x 18 inches)

Some nappy covers are more suited to use with prefolds than others. Look out for ones with a flap to hold the prefold in place, Flip and Ella's House are particularly recommended. Flip are birth to potty so represent good value and Ella's House have a double gusset so very good at containment.

Prefolds are available to purchase in bundles of three or packs of six (of one size)
we stock the supreme quality of prefold from the Junior Joy brand

These prefolds are made of 100% cotton and can be machine washed up to 70 degrees. Most people find that 40-60 degrees is sufficient.
Do not bleach
Can be tumble dried on low heat
We recommend that you wash prior to use
Please note that cotton prefolds are likely to shrink a little once washed.

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