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Bum Genius

Econobum Trial Pack

£12.00 £19.00
Choosing Econobum
  • High quality materials go into every single product created by Cotton Babies. Econobum is made with the same great waterproof fabric, snaps and elastic used in products like Bum Genius and the Flip Nappy System 
  • Do you have several children in nappies? Econobum is perfect for you! The adjustable cover will fit multiple babies.
  • Econobum prefolds are 100% unbleached cotton. They wash up and dry in a snap.
  • Worried about cost? Econobum combines high quality, conscientious manufacturing and intelligent design (ie: great fit) for an amazing, low priced, ethically-made product. 

The starter kit contains one white cover and three cotton prefolds - great for getting started.

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