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Ella's House fleece liners

Ella's House

Ella's House fleece liners

Ella's House fleece liners are a generous hour glass shape measuring 30.5cm long and 10cm at the narrowest point (13cm at the widest point). The fleece is patterned and matches the range of other Ella's house items we stock but of course can be used with any cloth nappy.  Liners come in packs of 3 (all the same pattern).

Please note that patterns may vary slightly from the images shown depending on how the fabric was cut eg some stripes are horizontal and some are vertical. Image shows the colour selection. Your pack will contain 3 of the same print.

  • Fleece liners are a great way to keep babies bottom dry particularly when using bamboo or hemp nappies as they act like a stay dry layer.
  • They can also be used to make poo disposal easier when using any sort of nappy.
  • They can help prevent the nappy from becoming stained.
  • They are strongly recommended if you need to use any nappy cream as they protect your nappy from absorbing any greasy cream.

Made in the Czech Republic


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