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Little lamb

Little Lamb bamboo fitted nappy - available in 3 sizes

Bamboo nappies are what put Little Lamb on the map and these are by far the most popular Little Lamb product.
The fit has been altered again and again until Little Lamb knew that they had the best fitting nappy on the market. 
  • The leg has to be tight enough to prevent leaks but not too tight to create any chaffing.
  • using the softest elastic available, that is gentle on baby’s skin, but is robust enough to last.
  •  A nappy that is designed to stand up to wear and tear you wouldn’t believe a baby capable of.
  • The leg has a shaped gusset to allow for freedom of movement.
  • The back seam is gently elasticated to prevent any nappy explosions and the front has cross over tabs to grow with your baby's ever changing shape.
  • The rise is now slightly deeper than previous versions as a nappy cannot do it's job properly if baby has a "builders bottom”.
Little Lamb were the first to discover that bamboo viscose was one of the most absorbent fibres to use but when knitted and made into nappies we found that it does have a tendancy to shrink. Nick searched far and wide and found a mill that would knit the fibre onto a fine mesh foundation, thus creating a non-shrink, non-pull bamboo nappy. If you pull a thread on a bath towel it will run - if you pull a thread on a Littlelamb nappy it locks even harder in place. It's the attention to detail that makes the Little Lamb nappies superior.

If you cut the nappy open (not that we recommend you do !) you will find an internal fleecy booster. They found that using fleece instead of bamboo means you get a faster drying nappy as the fleece almost spins dry in the washer. 

The nappies come complete with a double layer bamboo booster. The booster is sewn onto the size 2's but comes loose with the size 1 nappy as customer feedback suggested new borns didn't need the extra absorption and the bulk on a tiny baby was getting in the way. 

These nappies can be used for daytime or night time use.

Caring for the nappies is simple. At change time as you open the nappy fold the Velcro tabs back over on themselves. Remove any liner - if used - and put the nappy in a dry bucket. When you have a load wash the nappies, washable liners and wraps all together.
At Nappy Go Lucky we recommend that you do a cold rinse first then wash at 40˚ to 60˚ with half to full amount of detergent. Line dry or a cool tumble is fine.

The size 1 fits babies from around 7lbs - 20lbs (3kgs - 9kgs)
The size 2 fits babies from around 20lbs-38lbs (9kgs -17kgs)
The size 3 fit babies from around 35lb upwards -

Easy to use, easy to wash, easy to dry and easy to buy.

All Little Lamb bamboo yarns hold current Oeko-tex certification, which is as close to organic as bamboo yarn can get.

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