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Little Lamb Wrap - for over fitted cloth nappy

Little Lamb

Little Lamb Wrap - for over fitted cloth nappy

Littlelamb wraps are made from a naturally stretchy, soft polyknit fabric that has a breathable laminate bonded to the inside to stop baby getting too clammy. 

Without getting technical, the laminate seen under a microscope looks like a mass of circular rods all standing up but touching. The gaps between the rods are small enough to stop fluid molecules but big enough to let air molecules through. The end result is a waterproof but breathable fabric that keeps the temperature inside the nappy down by 1-2˚c compared to the old nylon pants from days of yore. 

As laminating fabric is an expensive procedure you won't find it on disposables.

Obviously the wraps were designed to fit around Little Lamb shaped nappies perfectly but they also fit most other brands of fitted/shaped nappies too.

As both the Little Lamb nappy and wrap have elasticated back seams 'poo explosions' up to the neck are unheard of.

Choose Size 1 for Newborn - 9 months (7lb-20lbs, 3kgs-9kgs) 

Choose Size 2 for 9 months - potty (20-38lbs, 9kgs-17kgs)

Choose Size 3 for 35lbs+/17kgs+

For your peace-of-mind Little Lamb forensically test the wraps. They are hypoallergenic and chemically inert and fully conform to the E.U. ReACH regulations for dyestuffs. They also pass the Oeko-tex Standard100 tests for garments used next to babies immature skin.

We currently only stock the size one wraps however if you wish size 2or 3 please get in touch as we can order these in for you.


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