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Milovia Cover, nappy wrap with fun prints


One size Milovia Nappy Covers with their range of funky bright prints are a very popular choice 

We have limited numbers of the small size.

Inserts are available to purchase separately 

These PUL Nappy Covers are designed to be used with  the Milovia absorbent inserts however you can also use them with prefolds, flat or contoured nappies. We haven't tried this out ourselves but because the cover has flaps to hold an insert in place we believe that disposable inserts such as Bumgenius would fit in the onesize cover.

The waterproof, vapour-permeable PUL fabric, allows baby's skin to breathe and is therefore the baby is less likely to suffer from a nappy rash.
The flaps made of PUL are designed to keep the absorbent insert in place and the extra covering of microfleece provides great comfort and protection for baby's skin.
The gentle gussets around legs, the soft elastic bands, great shape and the outstanding design combine to make a really great nappy cover.

ONE SIZE - to fit from approximately 4-16 kg (9 to 35 pounds), so birth to potty for most children.
SMALL - to fit from approximately 2.5-7 kg (6 - 16 pounds) made with newborns in mind.

For the smallest babies  and the SMALL cover we recommend a small size insert.
For the smallest babies using the ONESIZE cover we recommend a small and/or a medium insert.
For those 10kg (22lb) + we recommend the large size although many parents find that the medium lasts way past 22lb - for extra absorbancy you can double up the inserts eg a small and medium or a small and large.
The inserts have the option of coming with a stay dry microfleece top layer or a Coolmax top layer (this will allow the child to feel wet and may help with potty training)

The Milovia products are made entirely of the European materials, which are produced with children in mind, (with Oeko-tex certification) with high quality and outstanding design.
Wash-resistant colors. Prints are exlusive to Milovia
Milovia products are to be washed at 40-60 C degrees (100-140 F).


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