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Milovia Wetbag - cute print bags for storing used cloth nappies


The Milovia Wet Bags are designed to store dirty nappies. Made of PUL fabric they provide a storage place for soiled nappies, keeping the rest of your change bag dry and keeping the smells inside the wetbag. They are ideal for trips out, walks and everywhere you need to take your cloth nappies. They fit four pocket nappies, or nappy covers, including the inserts. Not only are they popular for their practicality, but for their unique design as well!

Handy, water-proof PUL Wet Bag with hanging loop and zip closure.

They effectively keep any unpleasant smell in.

Very helpful for taking your cloth nappies out and about.

Capacity: four nappies or covers with inserts.

Inner seams reinforced with piping.

Dimensions: 25x30 cm. (10"x12")

Milovia products are to be washed at 40-60 C degrees (100-140 F).



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