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Monkey Foot Designs

Monkey Foot Wetbags


These wet bags are a fantastic addition to any baby changing bag. Not only do they come in the most wonderful array of stylish designs, they are beautifully made and fabulously functional. They come in several different sizes which make them hugely versatile, from stashing nappies and washable wipes, to make-up or swim wear.  Once used you can simply throw the wet bag in with your washing, just turn inside out before washing.The wet bags have a superior waterproof lining and great care has been taken to ensure that the seams remain tightly sealed to prevent any odour leaks and the zip is strong and sturdy.

  • Pro Care lining, which is non-toxic and non-allergenic, and has anti-microbial properties and superior waterproof ability
  • Extra-sturdy long zipper pull
  • Outer and inner layers sewn separately to avoid wicking and all seams serged for reinforcement. Inner seams are permanently sealed using a non-chemical method
  • Easy to wash - just turn inside out and throw in with your dirty laundry. These bags can be tumble-dried, but the Pro Care will last longer if you hang to dry. The outside fabric can be ironed on high/cotton, but do not iron the inner lining.
Extra Small - 6.5" x 6.5" - Suitable for snacks, wet wipes, toiletries or just to keep your purse and phone separate in your changing bag. Please note the XS does not have a popper fastening like the larger sizes. There is a small loop that can be used instead.

Small - 9" x 7" - Suitable for  wet wipes, make-up or toiletries.

New for AUTUMN 2013 size small has been made a little more generous - now measuring 9" x 9"

We currently have stock of the old small size and some new size. The drop down menu will indicate which pattern is available in which size.

other sizes you might be interested in:
- 9" x 11" - Suitable for  2 cloth nappies and wipes or toiletries. new size is 11" x 14"
Large - 16" x 14" - Suitable for 4-5 cloth nappies or dirty clothes on days out and about, or even for wet swimwear and towel. New size 14" x 16" with 6" gusset
X Large - 16" x 22" - Suitable for over-night trips, as a beach bag or 2 days of cloth nappies, This size can also be used instead of a nappy bucket. New size 16" x 22" wth 6" gusset
X Large Double Strap - 16" x 22" - Now with 2 straps perfect for taking extra weight or hanging from a door, pushchair or a bed.
New size 16" x 22" with 6" gusset
XXL - 18" x 30" are great for trips to the beach (towels and bathing suits), dirty clothes when traveling, and several days worth of nappies. New size 18" x 30" with 6" gusset

Please note that the pattern placement on the fabric may vary from the sample picture above.
Double medium:
Medium (12" wide x 9" tall x 2" deep):
This medium double wet bag features 2 Procare lined pockets (front pocket measures ~ 11" wide x 6" tall and inside pocket measures ~ 12" wide x 9" tall). Both pockets have sealed seams, so your wet and messy items can be transported in either pocket.
This bag is also great for as a carry-all! You can use one daily to hold a wallet, mobile phone, nappies, reusable shopping bag, keys and more!

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