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SPICE STRIPE - double pocket sarahmac bag


Smart reusable bag with 2 pockets & many uses.

Look smart, feel great!

My favourite size with added zipped compartment - double zip, double pocket bag.

in SPICE STRIPE print from the Makower range. 

With cotton outer layer, co-ordinating zips, carry handle with snap and with Procare lining (food grade) this bag is all you need when nipping out to the shops or park rather than taking a larger handbag or change bag with you. Perfect as a wet/dry bag for keeping dirty and clean items separate or just for keeping your accessories in different compartments.

Adult use: make up bag, toiletry bag, wash bag, weekend bag, overnight bag, handbag organiser, jewellery pouch, snack bag, first aid bag, pouch to keep camera / phone / kindle / small tablet dry and free of sand at the beach or dry poolside. Perfect for discreetly storing feminine hygiene products, either disposable products or reusable products in your handbag or your drawer / locker at work.

Child use: You can take a clean cloth nappy in the bag and you know you have somewhere practical to store a soiled nappy. You can also use it to store clean or used reusable wipes. You can take a disposable  nappy and packet of wipes and use it as a nappy clutch bag so that you don't have to take a large change bag to the supermarket with you. Perfect for storing soiled pants during the awkward potty training phase.

Pet use: treat bag for snacks or training aids, holds poo bags so you don't have to do the dangle walk with a straining plastic bag. Keep car keys, phone etc safe while you walk the dog and you don't want to carry a larger bag with you or you have no pockets to stash the house keys and your mobile.

Fun prints have been chosen from the Makower range of fabrics which supports British designers. 

These smart bags have been made exclusively for sarahmac designs in Swansea by Red Dragon Manufacturing (a social enterprise).

Please note that Procare is a food grade fabric and is designed to last for approximately 1000 washes. Do not iron and do not tumble dry. 

Bags can be washed at 40 or 60 degrees


Proudly Made in Britain

measurements: 23 x 30cm

(fabric: 100% cotton outer, Procare lining, N.B. zip is not waterproof)

One of my favourite use of these bags is to keep my valuables in if I don't have a pocket. I take the dog out for a walk and in the summer I often wear a dress and/or leggings with no pocket so I can stash my phone, my house keys, my car keys, money for a carton of milk at the convenience store or a coffee or an ice cream at the park or beach in the smart bag. I can also keep spare poo bags in there and if the need arises I can stash the poo bag in the second zipped compartment so I'm not doing the dingle dangle poo bag walk back to the car park where I can finally dispose of my plastic parcel! 


If you've ever walked at the beach with a dog poo bag and a toddler you will know exactly what I mean!



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