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Totsbots Wet/dry Bag for Cloth Nappies and Sanitary Products (Double)


Tots Bots Double Wet Bag

The Tots Bots Wet/Dry Bag is 2 wetbags in one!  One larger pocket wetbag with a smaller bag poppered to the front.  Both compartments have zip closures and the larger/main bag has a handy hanging loop.  

Can easily fit 6-8 nappies and ideal for out and about.

Size (approx): 

  • Larger pocket: 41cm long x 31cm wide
  • Smaller pocket: 31.5cm long x 31cm wide


  • Wash with your nappies up to 60 degrees
  • Waterproof nappy bag with a double pouch for keeping your wet and dry nappies separate
  • When ready to wash just un-popper the dirty bag from the clean one and chuck in the machine
  • Comes with a detachable handle for hanging on doors, handles, bags or prams when out and about

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